Looking for a good place to retire? Try Zillow’s interactive map

usmapAre you looking to move when you retire? Many people are looking for a change of scenery to begin their golden years. Moving to a place with lower taxes or cost of living, better weather, or better access to retiree activities … the reasons to move are endless.

Where’s the best destination to retire? Well, of course that depends on what’s important to you. To help you decide, Zillow, the online real estate information company, has dipped into its extensive nationwide database to display the most attractive neighborhoods based on several criteria. You can choose which factors are important to you – crime, weather, reasonable home values, access to healthcare. The map gives you some ideas to consider when you start picking your next place to plant roots.

If you want a place that combines good scores for all the factors, the top locations are concentrated in Florida. That might explain the high concentration of retirees in the Sunshine State. By changing the mix a bit, you get different recommendations. For example, if you’re looking for higher home values the focus shifts to parts of California, while Harlan, Iowa has the lowest crime rate.

The interactive map was developed for Reuters News Service and is displayed on the Reuters personal finance page. Click here to see a video about the interactive map and how it works.

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