Want to know your risk of death within five years?

mortalityIf scientists developed an easy, reliable quiz that assessed your chance of dying in the next five years, would you take it?

Researchers in Sweden have produced a free, online quiz that they say determines with 80 percent accuracy the probability of dying in the next five years for men and women age 40 to 70. There’s a separate quiz for men and for women; each consists of about a dozen simple, straightforward questions.

The quiz is based on data from 500,000 people in the U.K. It is not designed to assess the death risk of any individual; rather it determines the statistical risk of death for a person with the same age, gender, and profile.

After taking the quiz, you are presented with your results and a link to Biobank, a British health database that explains how your answers helped determine your results.

The research found that the strongest predictor that a man will die is how he self-assesses his overall health, and the strongest predictor that a woman will die is whether she has ever had a cancer diagnosis. Smoking habits are the next strongest predictor in both genders.

According to one of the researchers, Erik Ingelsson, MD, PhD, a professor of molecular epidemiology at Sweden’s Uppsala University,  this quiz is important because it can increase health awareness and assist healthcare professionals in identifying high-risk patients.

The quiz is located here.


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