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Slowing down the aging process

oldmanwithredwineIn 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León landed in Florida, allegedly in search of the fabled fountain of youth. While he did not find such a fountain, and there are doubts whether he was actually looking for it, people throughout the centuries have sought ways to slow down the clock.

Modern advances in nutrition and medical science have dramatically extended lifespans and quality of life for many people. Although eternal life is just a myth so far, there are some proven ways you can look and feel younger in middle age and beyond.Continue reading

Five common retiree scams

Frauds and scams aimed at retirees and seniors have become big business. Here are five common types of scams and tips for avoiding become a victim.Continue reading

Lost your sense of smell? See your doctor, soon

noseMany people’s senses begin to decline with age, particularly eyesight and hearing. People’s sense of smell and taste also frequently become less sharp after around age 70. This is often simply accepted as a sign of age.

But a recent and widely publicized study by doctors at The University of Chicago found that inability to distinguish between different odors was a remarkably reliable indicator of impending demise. Continue reading

Your credit score may reveal more than your spending habits

credit card

Credit score requests have become quite commonplace in today’s society. Your bank uses your credit score to decide how much interest to charge on your loan; your life insurer uses it to set your premiums; prospective employers even use it when making hiring decisions.

A credit score encapsulates a host of prior financial decisions, which many believe reflects attributes that are harder to measure such as trustworthiness and personal responsibility. Now research has shown that credit scores are correlated with physical health.Continue reading

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