5 ways loneliness and social isolation can kill you


Loneliness and social isolation are common among seniors. As people get older, they’re more likely to live alone and have little social contact. Additionally, more older adults than before do not have children, which means no descendants to visit and provide company. But this social isolation can have severe negative effects on physical and emotional health and longevity.Continue reading

3 signs you’re not ready to retire


When thinking about preparing for retirement, many people focus exclusively on the financial aspects – making sure they’ll have enough to live on and meet their expenses. But it’s important to realize that retirement is also a major life transition, and to make it successfully requires psychological as well as financial preparation. Here are three signs you may not be mentally ready for retirement.Continue reading

7 ways to mess up your retirement


You’ve worked hard for most of your adult life, and finally the time has come to retire. But a simple mistake or oversight could mess up your golden years. Here are some common mistakes in retirement planning and suggestions to avoid them.Continue reading

5 lessons learned from actual retirees


Experience is the mother of knowledge, the saying goes. In that case, a great way to learn about retirement should be to talk with those who have already retired. Recently, New York Life surveyed 500 retired octogenarians about what they had found. The results hold interesting lessons for all of us.Continue reading

How much people spend after retirement


How much will you actually spend in retirement? That depends on a lot of factors, including your retirement goals and lifestyle, healthcare needs, and caring for family members. Many financial advisors cite the “80% rule”, which states that you will need 80% of your preretirement income after you retire. But while that’s a general rule of thumb, it may or may not apply. Will your actual spending increase, go down, or stay the same?

One useful way to get an idea is to examine the experiences of actual retirees. The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) recently issued a detailed report on how retirees’ spending changed shortly after retirement.Continue reading

5 ways to handle a surprise retirement


Retirement often catches you by surprise. The majority of workers retire years earlier than they planned, surveys show. Health issues, caring for family members, and corporate restructuring are the top reasons that people end up leaving the workforce before they expected. Retirement can induce nervousness and stress even when you’ve planned for it. When it’s thrust upon you, it can leave you fearful, anxious, and possibly depressed. Early retirement isn’t a picnic, but with a few prudent measures it can be managed successfully. Here are some suggestions.Continue reading

4 ways to help avoid money fights


Surveys show money is among the top issues that couples argue about. These disagreements often arise when couples have different ideas about how money should be spent. As couples approach and enter retirement, these arguments can become more intense. Here are some suggestions for avoiding fights over money.Continue reading

Tips for preserving brain health


For those who would like to maintain their brain health and mental faculties in their senior years, there are some simple things that are proven to work. Recent research reaffirms that the things you thought were good for your brain health, actually are. Getting enough sleep and exercise, and a healthy diet are among the most important habits for keeping your noggin in top form. Although most people are familiar with these habits, surveys show relatively few senior adults actually practice all of them.Continue reading

How much of your retirement savings should be in stocks?

Financial consultants are now advising people even in retirement to have a portion of their savings in stocks. For a retirement that may last 20 to 30 years or more, for most people only exposure to stocks can provide the growth needed to help ensure your savings don’t run out prematurely.

Of course this doesn’t apply to you if your nest egg is already exceptionally large. In that case, your main concern is keeping an eye on your expenditures. The rest of us, though, are faced with a question: how much should you have in stocks? While there’s no one answer that applies to everyone, here are some tips for deciding what’s right for your situation.Continue reading

Retirement planning for stay-at-home spouses


Most people think about retirement planning in terms of preparing to stop working. But what if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad and don’t have employment? Retirement planning is just as important for you, and possibly more so. But your circumstances can make it complicated.Continue reading

Key to a fulfilling retirement

senior man

Do you want to have a satisfying and fulfilling retirement? Certainly, good health and enough money are crucial to making this happen. But equally important is what you do with yourself in retirement. A new report by Merrill Lynch shows that donating time and money in one’s later years is a major key to retirement happiness.Continue reading

Are you retirement-ready? Crunch the numbers to find out


When you’re setting out to travel to an unknown destination, the only way to be sure you’ll get there is to map out the route. The same goes for retirement – the only way to be sure you’ll be financially ready when the time comes is to run some numbers. Here are some suggestions for what to do.
Continue reading

Optimism can make you healthier


As we age, our risk of diseases and chronic health conditions increases. Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and stroke all become more common as we get older. A healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet and regular exercise can help avoid or delay these conditions. And there’s another important thing you can do as well.Continue reading

Co-signing on a student loan can leave you hanging


If you’re a parent or grandparent, you probably want to do everything in your power to give your children or grandchildren the best possible start in life. That’s what good parents do. But sometimes, your good intentions and actions can backfire. Co-signing on private student loans is an example.Continue reading

Planning for healthcare costs in retirement


Your retirement expenses will depend largely on your retirement lifestyle. They may be higher or lower depending, for example on how much travel you plan to do and what hobbies and other activities you have. But there’s one expense that most retirees have to account for, and it’s a big one: healthcare.Continue reading

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