Voices April 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

Retirement planning: Is the 4% rule the right rule of thumb?

Think you’re ready to retire? Not until you read this
3 retirement questions you’re probably not asking The changing risks of retirement
Walk, jog, or dance: It’s all good for the aging brain 7 steps to happy, healthy aging

Nearly retired? Ask 3 questions to keep your money safe

Which is better for retirement income: insurance or investments?
Retirement isn’t about losing identity. It’s a chance to create a ‘second act.’ Why retirement is a flawed concept
Why carrying a mortgage in retirement can really pay off Many Americans don’t enjoy retirement

Simple ways to create a happier retirement

Retirement life: Women and men do it very differently
3 ways to be smarter about withdrawing retirement income from your nest egg Making retirement decisions all by yourself
Traditional retirement: May it rest in peace Thinking beyond money in retirement

5 expenses that will change in retirement

3 actions that will improve your retirement
Planning your post-retirement career Senior adults can see health benefits from dog ownership
How to save during retirement How can I find meaningful work in retirement?


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