Voices December 2015

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

Planning for long-term care in 4 easy steps

Work all your life? Then you’re doing it wrong
When it pays to retire with a mortgage Design a retirement that excites you
Why your retirement spending estimate is wrong Financial planning is about more than money

8 a.m. Shouldn’t I be doing something?

You might need less money to retire comfortably
Keeping your current lifestyle in retirement 5 ways to stay busy in retirement
10 retirement resolutions Speed your retirement: kick adult kids from the nest

Should you invest your emergency fund?

20 stunning facts about senior isolation
How technology will transform retirement 5 ways to enjoy saving for retirement
6 lies that older people tell younger people Pay down debt or save for retirement?

Don’t wait for retirement, live your dream life now

5 steps to heart-healthy retirement planning
Why life goes faster as you grow older Retiring gives you a happier and healthier life


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