Voices February 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

How to avoid boredom and monotony in retirement

How to cut your monthly grocery bill in half, from a woman who lived on $14,000 a year
Making phased retirement work for you Redefining the “ideal” retirement
Three retirement lifestyle purchases to avoid 6 ways to make your retirement dreams a reality

Should we be spending less on senior health care?

Studies show the power of laughter for senior health
For the near-retiree: The view from the other side Is this a reason to panic about your retirement plan? (Why the 4% withdrawal rule still matters)
Avoid typical senior health issues Why the conventional wisdom about retirement spending is wrong

Social groups after retirement may be good for longevity

3 reasons why volunteering in retirement is good for your health
10 popular retirement lifestyles Could robots be the future of retirement living?
Why you need friends in retirement Retirement may speed up your demise

Calculating retirement needs is easy

It’s time to retire retirement
Three factors that may force you into an early retirement Why your retirement calculator could be your downfall


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