Voices January 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

How robots could improve senior care

Stepping outside the boundaries of retirement
Elder orphans: A Baby Boomer’s aging-alone plan Lack of deep sleep may lead to Alzheimer’s
Eating healthy for your brain Needed for good health: diet, exercise – and friends

A retirement calculation you can do in your head

Warren Buffett’s 15-minute retirement plan
How to make sure your money lasts in retirement Five minute financial fixes
8 proven ways to catch up retirement savings Retirement doesn’t have to be a scary word

The retirement problem: What will you do with all that time?

The dangerous lies you tell yourself about saving for retirement
Have scientists discovered the elixir of youth? Can we delay aging?
My favorite misleading statistic on Americans’ retirement savings Warren Buffett’s 5 reasons to never retire

The retirement crisis scare: Oversaving

6 trends that could rattle your retirement
Good news: More of us are living past 100 Retirement is about more than money
Health goes downhill when older adults stop driving 20 retirement stats that will blow you away


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