Voices July 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

The keys to a successful transition to retirement

A quarter of recent retirees would delay Social Security if they had a do-over
I’ll need how much money for retirement? How much retirement income do you need?
Preparing for a stress-free retirement Retirement crisis? Retirees have same average incomes as prime-age workers

6 signs that you’re going to die early

Comfortable retirement: $1M is cited standard, but some can do with less
Why retiring on 70% of your income might be tough Top 10 stupid retirement tricks
How saving too much can make your retirement less satisfying Do you really need stocks in retirement?

Are your kids ruining your retirement?
This common delusion can wreck your lifestyle in retirement
Many boomers in denial over problems growing old in suburbs will present Why retirees aren’t running out of money
The retirement catch-up plan Three ways you can budget for fun in retirement

Thinking of buying your dream home for retirement? Do your homework first.

Two things that can destroy your retirement plans
A safer approach to retirement income planning 4 reasons to retire as early as you can
Stock growth without risk in retirement Retirement planning step 1: How long will you live?

Ahoy matey, more folks retiring on a cruise ship

4 things to know to boost your retirement wealth
This is the one key factor for a happy retirement Get back to work! Working past ‘retirement age’ is beneficial
How to retire without regrets When should you retire?


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