Voices June 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

You’re retired! What can go wrong?

The secret to a happier, healthier life: Just retire
With retirement longer than ever, what is the new 4% rule? Senior health about more than disease, study finds
Senior health: Tips, life hacks, advice for seniors to enjoy life Wes Moss: 8 rules for a happy retirement

The truth about retiring by 70

Americans don’t even know what their most important retirement asset is, study shows
The 60/40 portfolio is dead … and it’s not coming back Deciding what to do in retirement years
Why you need to manage your retirement expectations Solving the retirement withdrawal equation

Feeling guilty about spending savings in retirement

The secret mindset for a successful retirement
Couples need to build their retirement vision together. Here’s how. Retirement: Getting to the summit of Mt. Everest
Why it pays to picture your retirement Nonprofit work after retirement? Maybe you can make it pay

Three strategies that can derail a near term retirement

3 serious problems with the 4% retirement rule
55 facts and figures about retirement you’ll want to know The biggest mistakes executives make with retirement packages
The key to a happy retirement starts with enjoying the little things A model of retirement planning

Working after retirement is the newest trend

The retirement puzzle: How to live on 60% of your income
Retirees: Six tips for volatile markets Ditch the retirement bucket list and honey do list for this


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