Voices March 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

6 ways to make your retirement dreams a reality

Could meditation really help slow the aging process?
Happiness can break your heart Why your safe withdrawal rate is probably wrong
Is a dog’s love really good for the health of senior humans? Finally – the magic number you need to retire!!

Great places in 2016 to follow your passions in retirement

The safest place to stash your retirement savings
How to write a retirement plan Retirement is good for your health, study says
The reason I hate the word ‘retirement’ Want to live longer after retirement? Be social

Health care for seniors often goes beyond their desires

3 reasons to delay retirement
Planning to delay retirement? Here’s how Retirement gives people a better lifestyle, study says
Why old age starts at 85 5 unexpected expenses that can deplete your retirement funds

It’s time to invent rituals for retirement

3 steps to avoid running out of money in retirement
Here’s a final four that will let you retire happy UCLA Nursing research finds possible answer to why some develop Alzheimer’s — and others don’t
It’s time to rethink the bucket list-retirement How men and women want different things in retirement

Dealing with uncertainty in retirement calculations

Technology is changing how we retire
Here’s the economic impact of the longevity bonus Your retirement savings are big enough, study shows


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