Voices May 2016

Great finance, health, and retirement lifestyle articles from across the Web.

Why saving too much for retirement can be a big mistake

Four rules for shacking up in retirement
The key mistakes investors make in retirement The retirement transition: Eliminate ‘scary’ from the excitement
Fewer people feel satisfied in retirement Should you pay off that mortgage before you retire?

Delaying retirement may help us live longer

How to retire comfortably while you’re still in debt
Steps to reduce a common health threat to seniors Meet the “feel-free” retirement spending plan
3 questions to survive retirement 3 smart strategies to finance your home in retirement

5 insurance changes to make in retirement

It’s not that hard to have fun, once you retire
5 secrets to happiness in retirement Is 80% enough for retirement?
Does your mindset affect how you make retirement income decisions? 10 best retirement freebies

25 side gigs you can start in retirement

Work a little, play a little: A new retirement strategy
Retirement can cause multiple tensions at home Retirement is getting better, and not just for the rich
5 crucial retirement years for your money Retirement is even more fun than you’ve heard

Cut taxes in retirement with these moves

6 ways to have a happy retirement
There’s good news at last on the retirement front How stereotypical roles can ruin retirement


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